Faerie - Secret Dell - Limited Edition Fairy - Nemesis Now

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Faerie - Secret Dell - Limited Edition Fairy - Nemesis NowCollect from London Fossils and Crystals Store Only

Secret Dell.
Deep in wooded dells this faerie is found. She loves the shade of the trees in autumn when the leaves turn to gold, for this is the season of the autumn crocus. She has found a cluster of these wonderful flowers so delicate and pink and she rests upon an old log as she gazes at them. She is so pretty in her pink gown adorned with moonflowers and her butterfly wings are so delicate.

Ornamental limited edition Faerie ‘Secret Dell’ by  Christine Haworth
Edition no. 0393/3000
Hand painted, hand made resin figurine in collector gift box

Secret Dell
Resin Faerie
Height approximately 15 cm
‘Nemesis Now’ a range of fantasy and gothic giftware