Fire Agate - Rough

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Fire Agate - Rough
Fire Agate, from Mexico (individual pieces)

Fire Agate is the name given to a brilliant multicoloured gemstone that combines a deep brown base hue with flashes of orange, red, green and gold that look like tongues of living flame. The best stones come from Mexico. Fire Agate’s iridescent colour are produced by light interference at thin layers of regularly spaced iron oxide crystals with chalcedony.

This stone is said to put one in touch with the zest for living, and with this, one experiences an increase in passion, an intensification of all emotions and reconnection with one’s deepest desires.
It may help one find the courage to take risks in order to fulfil the inner prompting which call one more fully into passionate involvement with life. It is said to be an ideal stone for awakening one from the stupor of humdrum routine and can banish feelings of resignation or hopelessness. 

An individual pieces of Fire Agate will be specially selected for your order or alternatively why come to the
London Fossils and Crystals shop and choose your own.

Measurements Approx.
Each piece varies in size an approx. measurement is 2 cm x 3 cm & 3 cm x 4 cm