Fluorite -Chinese - 2 to 3cmTumbled Stone

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Chinese Fluorite Tumbled Stone

Size approximately  2 to 3cm,  

weight varies 5g to 15g

Purple Fluorite - Is said to stimulate the third eye and impart common sense to psychic communication. It is considered to be an excellent meditation stone.

A crystal tumbled stone gemstone selected specially for your order.

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal. Its growth pattern is cubic or octahedral, and it occurs in hydrothermal veins, often in association with minerals such as Quartz, Calcite and Barite. It can be found in a wide range of colours, including colourless, green, purple, white, yellow, red, pink, and black. Often multiple colour appear in the same specimen. Fluorite has lent its name to the property of fluorescence, the display of vivid glowing colours under ultraviolet light.

Important Fluorite deposits have been found in Germany, England, China, Argentina and the USA.