Frankincense - Natural Tree Resin Incense - 50g

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Frankincense - Natural Tree Resin Incense - 50g


50g (approx) bag

Frankincense also known as Olibanum a resin that comes from trees belonging to the genus Boswellia.

This sap like substance, which has a unique sweet and smokey aroma, has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and medicine.

Needed in addition to this Resin:- 

1 x non flammable container

1 x charcoal puck or disk

1 x Sand

Resin incense is burned by placing small, pea sized pieces, on a smouldering charcoal puck.  Place a good layer of sand in a non flammable container, this insulating layer keeps the hot coal from coming in contact with the container. Otherwise it could heat up and burn fingers, the surface it is sitting on, and even the container could crack or break from the direct heat of the hot coal.

Light an edge of the charcoal puck with a lighter. (Hold it on the opposite side!). When it starts to sparkle a bit, or make a slight crackling, hissing sound, place your coal on the sand and give it at least one minute to sit. 

Pass your hand over it, if you feel it is emitting heat or white ash is visible then all is good. and the melting resins will not smother it and put it out.  Take a small piece of frankincense or other resin, ( the size of small pea or a lentil), and place it in the middle of the coal. It will shortly release its fragrance and smoke, and there you have it. Pure, natural. 

Never leave lit charcoal unattended, or close to flammable materials, always use caution.

Charcoal disks or pucks are available separately