Hematite - 25g to 35g Tumbled Stone (Selected)

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Hematite - 25g to 35g Tumbled Stone (Selected)

Hematite tumbled to a smooth finish, an ideal pocket size stone, small enough to carry around with you. Tumble Stones can also be placed around the home for their energies or can just be nice decorative items.

A Hematite gemstone selected specially for your order.

Size varies 3cm to 4cm

Weight varies 25g to 35g

A grounding stone, Hematite is excellent for keeping one connected to the Earth.  A can be a supportive stone for people dieting, stopping smoking or breaking a habit. 

Emotionally, it can help one to see strength, courage and fortitude for move forward through adversity. Especially at times, when not to voice their own opinions, helping to avoiding conflict with family, friends, work colleagues or in legal situations.

Mentally can helps with many mental processes including the retention of knowledge when studying and dexterity. 

Protective, a great stone for gridding a property, providing a protective barrier when placed in all the corners of a room.  Also can also help to protect against the aggressive nature or aggression from other people.

Physically, good for almost any condition that is blood related such as anaemia, blood clots and broken bones, can be helpful during  recovery from any ailment of the blood or blood production within the bone marrow. It is also said to assist with the detoxification process.

Hematite is slightly attracted to magnetic fields.  Hematite is often used for jewellery when cut and polished Hematite displays a bright metallic lustre , when heated  becomes strongly magnetic.  Both types of Hematite can be helpful for arthritis and can be helpful for travel sickness and jet jag.

Hematite also spelled Haematite, its name is derived from the Greek word for blood. 

Hematite is the mineral form of Iron Oxide, with a hexagonal (trigonal) crystal structure. One of the most abundant minerals found near the surface of the planet, found in a variety of colours and forms:- Coloured black to steel or silver-grey, brown to reddish brown, or red. With varieties include kidney ore - botryoidal,  Martite  - pseudomorphs after magnetite, iron rose and specularite (specular hematite), Maghemite is a hematite and magnetite related oxide mineral.

Hematite can also be found with other minerals:- 

Red Hematite and Quartz, such as. Tangerine Quartz, Hematoid Quartz.

Silver Hematite with Red Jasper and Tiger Eye, know as Tiger Iron.


Once mined all around the world, today most production comes from China, Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Canada, Venezuela, and the United States. 

Huge deposits of hematite are found in banded iron formations. Gray hematite is typically found in places where there has been standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in Yellowstone National Park in North America. The mineral can precipitate out of water and collect in layers at the bottom of a lake, spring, or other standing water. Hematite can also occur without water, however, usually as the result of volcanic activity.

Hematite has a wide variety of other uses, but its economic significance is very small compared to the importance of iron ore. The mineral is used to produce pigments, preparations for heavy media separation, radiation shielding, ballast, and many other products. 

Here at London Fossils Crystals I sell a wide range of Tumble Stones  

Tumble stones are so called because a number of stones of similar sizes are placed in a barrel which is rotated (tumbled) at a speed and after a time between 3 - 5 weeks the stones are polished from rough to smooth. 

(The Tumble stones we sell, have not been tumbled by ourselves)