Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts - 200g - Chunks

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Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts - 200g - Chunks

Energising Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts

100% pure with no chemical additives, containing 84 natural elements bring a sheer ocean of natures natural energies to you:-

Rebalances, Strengthens, re-activates & detoxifies your body. Stimulates blood circulation & reduces inflammation of the muscles & joints. Hydrates the skin & Increases moisture retention. Helps Heal dry & irritated skin.

Salt Chunks


Salt pieces will be in assorted size in pack

Directions:- place a chunk of salt in a bath filling with warm water, once the crystals are dissolved or a larger chunk of salt can be removed, allowed to dry and used again and again until they are completely dissolved, simply lay and relax for 15 - 20 minutes.  

Do not add any soaps, lotions, options or chemical additives and for the best results do not rinse the body after your relaxing bath, simply pat your body dry with a towel or allow your body to air dry naturally.