Hullendite On Matrix (No.80)

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Hullendite On Matrix (No.80)Hullendite On Matrix

Measurements Approx.
Height - 4.4 cm
Width - 6 cm
Length - 8.4 cm

Heulandite is the name of a series of tecto-silcate mineral of the zeolite group.

Crystals are monoclinic. They may have a characteristic coffin-shaped habit, but may also form simple rhombic prisms. Frequently, a crust of fine crystals will form with only the ends of the rhombs visible, making the crystals look like wedges. They have a perfect cleavage parallel to the plane of symmetry, on which the lustre is markedly pearly; on other faces the lustre is of the vitreous type. The mineral is usually colourless or white, but may be orange, brown, yellow, brick-red, or green due to inclusions of celadonite. It varies from transparent to translucent.