Lepidolite - 1.5cm Dark Tumbled Stone

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Lepidolite - 1.5cm Dark Tumbled Stone

Lepidolite is a lilac or rose-violet coloured mineral containing Lithium and a member of the Mica family, a sheet silicate mineral.  Localities where Lepidolite is found include Brazil, Ural Mountains Russia, California, USA, China and Madagascar.

Lepidolite contains lithium, which can help to break repetitive habits, can aid detoxify the body, so a good Crystal for stopping smoking or any other dependancy addition.  Also it is said to be helpful with many everyday problems, such as allergies, indecision, mood swings, bipolar disorders, epilepsy, Alzheimers, anorexia and computer stress, unhappy work places or sick building syndrome.

Lepidolite can also help with hot flushes, and balancing of emotions during the ‘change', which women can experience these problems.

Lepidolite from China tumbled to a smooth finish, an ideal pocket size stone, small enough to carry around with you. Tumble Stones can also be placed around the home for their energies or can just be nice decorative items.

Lepidolite crystal gemstones of varying sizes selected specially for your order.

Size approximately  1.5 cm, weight 3g to 7.5g

Here at London Fossils Crystals I sell a wide range of Tumble Stones  

Tumble stones are so called because a number of stones of similar sizes are placed in a barrel which is rotated (tumbled) at a speed and after a time between 3 - 5 weeks the stones are polished from rough to smooth. 
(The Tumble stones we sell, have not been tumbled by ourselves)