Libethenite, from Spain (No.10)

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Libethenite, from Spain (No.10)Libethenite, from Spain

Measurements Approx.
Height - 6.2 cm
Width - 6.4 cm
Length - 7.6 cm

Libethenite is a rare cooper phosphate hydroxide mineral. It forms striking, dark green orthorhombic crystals. It was discovered in 1823 in L’ubietova, Slovakia and is named after the German name of that locality (Libethen).

It has also been found in Monterbas, (France), Cornwall, (Great Britain), Yerington-Nevada (USA), Nizhni Tagil (Russia), and has this piece is from, Shaba, Congo.


Libethenite said to may advance ones self-assured, bringing an inspiration to advance; it may assists one in appending the beneficial portions of the "old” ways to the "new” journey, helping one to maintain the beneficial course.

It may enhance perception allowing for focus on the basis behind plans and situations, while may furthering straight-forward appraisals of circumstances of which one is a part.