Mammoth - Hair (7.50 packet)

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Mammoth - Hair (£7.50 packet)

Packet with a strand of hair from a Woolly Mammoth selected specially for your order.

Pack contains information sheet


A group of mammals called Proboscideans first emerged in Africa 55 Million Years ago, these were identified by the presence of tusks and a trunk, this group included Mastodons, Elephants and Mammoths

Mammoths are part of the family Elephantidae which  is known to existed 6 Million years ago in Africa, this family group includes living Elephants and the Mammoths, 

The Woolly Mammoth one of the best known type of Mammoth, was one of the last in Line of Mammoth species, disappearing during the late Piestocene and early Holocene (11,700 years) in the Quatemary extinction event, but scientists cannot agree whether it was just climate change or climate change and over hunted by man.

with the Mastodon is a distant relative of the Mammoths emerging 25 Million years before Mammoths.