Mini Oil Burner

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Mini Oil Burner
Mini Oil Burners 

Oil Burner Instructions for use:
Only use fragrance burner oils or simmering granules with this item. 
To use with fragrance oils…...
Place a few drops of fragrance oil into top of burner. 
Top up the burner with water to just below the rim. 
Light t-light and place in the bottom of the burner.
Add oil/water as needed, keeping the receptacle full.
After a few minutes a pleasant aroma is given off.
Extinguish the T-light if the water comes to the boil.
Re-light as required.
Always check water level prior to lighting burner.

To use with simmering granules;
Place one or more teaspoons of simmering granules into top of burner
Light T-light to create aroma.