Moldavite, Hand Wired Pendant (No.193)

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Moldavite, Hand Wired Pendant (No.193)Moldavite Hand Wired Pendant

Measurements Approx.
Height - 1.6 cm
Width - 1.3 cm
Length - 3.4 cm

Hand wired by us at London Fossils and Crystals this Moldavite is hand wired using a Gold plated wire. This pendant will come with a natural hemp cord.


Moldavite was created over 14.8 million years ago when a huge meteorite struck what is now the the town of Nordlingen in Germany, forming what is known as the Reis Crater. The town is situated in the crater area which originally had a diameter of up to 24 kilometres. The crater rim has suffered much erosion in the intervening period but is still between 100 to 150 metres high in places. The Reis crater is known by scientists as a rampart crater, a type which is only found on Mars, making it a very unique occurrence. These craters exhibit a fluidised ejecta after the impact of the crater…….this is what travelled through the air for between 300 and 600km into the Czech Republic to form Moldavite.