Mookaite Hand Tied Pendant (REF:NC26M)

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Mookaite Hand Tied Pendant (REF:NC26M)Mookaite Hand Tied Pendant

Measurements Approx.
Height - 2.3 cm
Width - 1.7 cm
Length - 4.6 cm
Cord Length - 35 cm

This polished Mookaite has been hand tied by us here at London Fossils and Crystals using a black cord.

Mookite is a patterned red and cream variety of Japser.

Mookite is said to be good for people who are making decisions and seeking creativity and new perceptions, ideas or work. Also considered good for those who are coping with children and looniness. May offer general protection and help with communication.


Physically good for weight loss and the health of stomach and thyroid glands. May help hernia and water retention.

Emotional and spiritual said to be good for grounding, dreams, moving forward in life and building self-esteem. Said to help with fear and depression. Aids meditation.