Nautiloid - Lituites

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Nautiloid - Lituites

A partial fossil of a curled part of a Lituites from China, selected specially for your order.

Sizes varies  3 to 4 cm

Lituites is an extinct member of the Nautiloid genus appearing during the Middle Ordovican period (460 Million Years ago).  The Lituites name is from the term "lituitcone” a shell that is coiled in the early years of life becoming uncoiled later in life.  

Nautiloids are members of a large diverse group of marine Cephalopods, first appearing in the late Cambrian (497 to 491 million years ago) with their descendents represented today - Nautilus and Allonautilus.

Predatory animals with a wide variety of shell shapes, with about 2500 fossil species are known

example of a complete Lituites fossilThis specimen sold