Obsidian Faceted Wand (Ref W11)

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Obsidian Faceted Wand (Ref W11)

Actual Wand

Length 12cm, width 2cm

Weight 81.8g

Black Obsidian is said to be protective. It may repels negativity and disperses.

Crystal wands with points can be used to direct energy during healing sessions and other energy work. 

A double terminated wand (DT) has a point at each end of the crystal wand, this can allow the energy to flow both ways, inwards to where it is needed and outwards to release un-needed energy.

Massage wands may either have one end carved to a blunt point and the other rounded, or may have two rounded ends.  These rounded ends can be used as a tool to provide a form of acupressure in tissue massage or to break up and dissipate energy blockages.