Plancheite and Shattuckite (Ref RPlan4)

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Plancheite and Shattuckite (Ref RPlan4)

Plancheite and Shattuckite specimen is from Sonora, Mexico. 

Size approximately 6  5.5 cm

Weight 83g

Plancheite is a hydrated Copper Silicate mineral, It is closely related to Shattuckite in appearance and structure, which causes confusion between the two minerals.

Plancheite colour can vary from a pale turquoise/blue greenish/blue colour.  Often found with Chrysocolla, Conichalcite,  Dioptase, Malachite and Tenorite, in the Kambove District, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Shattuckite is a cooper silicate hydroxide mineral, its crystal system is orthorhombic.  It is found in cooper mines, often in association with Ajoite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, as well as Malachite and other cooper silicates such as Plancheite in Mexico

Its colour range from light blue to deep blue, and sometimes green. One of its growing habits is fibres.