Pyrite On Matrix, Ambas Aguas, La Rioja, Spain (No.51)

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Pyrite On Matrix, Ambas Aguas, La Rioja, Spain (No.51)Pyrite On Matrix, Ambas Aguas, La Rioja, Spain

Measurements Approx.
Height - 3.4 cm
Width - 8 cm
Length - 8 cm


Pyrite or Iron Pyrites is Iron Sulfide (Sulphide), mineral, it has a metallic gold luster.  This crystal is known too many as Fools Gold. 

Iron Sulfide can refer to a range of chemical compounds composed of Iron and Sulfur.  Named from the Greek "pyr” for "fire” because when stuck with another mineral it creates a spark.

Pyrite is a very common mineral, found in many places around the world, Italy, Peru, Spain, UK, USA,

In renaissance times hundreds of tons of Pyrite were shipped from the new world in the mistaken belief that it was actually Gold. Ironically small quantities of actual gold are sometimes found in pyrite.