Quartz, Gridding Points Pack of 4 (Selected)

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Quartz, Gridding Points Pack of 4 (Selected)

Pack of quartz points  for gridding selected specially for you upon purchasing on line or alternatively why not come to the London Fossils and Crystals shop and choose you own, London Fossils and Crystals retail shop in Waterloo, SE1.

Set of 4 Quartz Points for gridding, each point is of similar size in pack.  Quartz is a crystal used to amplify the energies of other crystals, when used in crystal grids.  

For time and tradition crystals have been used to create geometric grids using sacred geometry. These grids can be used for many things, for example; protection for us personally and our loved ones, love, energy and wellbeing as well as attracting love and manifesting abundance.