Quartz Point, Hand Tied Pendant (No.88)

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Quartz Point, Hand Tied Pendant (No.88)Quartz Point

Measurements Approx. Crystal Size
Height - 0.8 cm
Width - 0.5 cm
Length - 2.6 cm

Measurements Approx. Cord Length
Length - 35.5 cm 

Hand tied by us at London Fossils and Crystals this Quartz is tied using a cotton cord.

Though regularly described as a crystal that helps amplify energy of both other crystal energies and body energies, Quartz is a great all round crystals and can work to anyones personal tastes and needs, if thatís for protection, calmness or to uplift the sprite, which certainly Quartzís with rainbows can do with their stunning colours within the crystal. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earthís continental crust, after feldspar but is like the root of all crystals.