Quartz - Shamanic Dream, Boxed Tumbled Stone (Ref TB95)

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Quartz - Shamanic Dream, Boxed Tumbled Stone (Ref TB95)


Measurements approximately

Depth 1.9cm

Width 2cm

Length 3.2cm

Weight 18.1g

Front images taken with light behind.



Shamanic Dream Quartz (sometimes called Lodolite) is a form of clear quartz with inclusions which can be used for enhancing Shamanic Journeys and Dreams. They have been used over the years for vision quests and also in Shamanic healing rituals.

These beautiful stones have all the properties of Quartz, coupled with the properties brought by the various inclusions. These inclusions can include Chlorite (green), Iron (brown/red) and other materials. The name Lodolite comes from the Greek language and literally means "muddy stone” so not every body would know the term as its certainly not a generally accepted mineralogical one.

They generally come from the region of Brazil known as Minas Gerais. Quartz from this region can also contain smokey quartz, rutile and sometimes phantoms.

Energetically, these crystals are often described as gentle, soft or comforting. They make a fantastic tool for lucid dreaming, daydreaming, gazing, meditation and of course for Shamanic journeying, being like a portal, taking us into the realms and dimensions we wish to visit or that our journeys need to take us to. Being well grounded before starting these journeys is essential, Kevin our Crystal Guy would never encourage anyone who is not well grounded to attempt this kind of journeying…..use caution and common sense!

If  you are well grounded, you could try this.

Look into the stone, allow your eyes to go out of focus and then allow yourself to drift into all of the inclusions in the crystal. Then, slowly close your eyes and let the stone to guide you on your very own journey.


Quartz is both one of the most common crystals on Earth and at the same time one of the most useful. Growing in clusters, as a massive or sometimes as individual points, it is found worldwide with some regions having distinctive characteristics.

One of Quartz’s most frequent uses is said to amplify the properties of other crystals. It can also be a very uplifting crystal, raising our spirits with its internal rainbows which are made from fractures within the crystal, whilst also having the potential to be very calming. It may also be used to work with all of our Chakras.

Quartz though is a great all-round crystal which may be used to perform a variety of task and help with any personal needs, as well as being simply a beautiful crystal to admire and to enjoy.