Rubycrosite (Ruby in Zoisite) - Chip Bracelet (Selected)

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Rubycrosite (Ruby in Zoisite) - Chip Bracelet (Selected)

Ruby & Zoisite also known as Rubycrosite, Elasticated gemstone chip bead bracelet

Tumbled chips of small crystals, colours may vary from pale to0 dark on each bracelet.

A bracelet selected specially for your order


Rubycrosite or also known as Ruby in Zoisite is a metamorphic rock composed of inter-grown green zoisite, black/dark green pargasite, and ruby.

It also referred to as Anyolite which is said to be named after the Maasai word anyoli, meaning "green.”

A combination stone Rubycrosite is said to activate the crown chakra, and it may be helpful in soul healing and in past-life work. It’s considered this stone has the unusual property of promoting individuality while at the same time retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity.