Selenite Stick from Morocco 10 cm long and 0.7/1.1 cm wide, 1.5/2 cm high (Selected)

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Selenite Stick from Morocco 10 cm long and 0.7/1.1 cm wide, 1.5/2 cm high (Selected)Selenite Stick, from Morocco

An individual Selenite 
sticks, each one is approximately 10 cm long and 0.7/1.1 cm wide, 1.5/2 cm high

One will be selected for you upon order or alternatively why not come to the London Fossils and Crystals shop and choose you own piece.

is a hydrous calcium sulphate mineral. It is a form of gypsum and is called Selenite if it is relatively clear and well formed. Selenite is closely related to fibrous gypsum, also known as Satin Spar, and the massive, fine-grained form known as Alabaster.

Selenite is found in many countries, including Australia, Greece, Mexico and the USA. The best known and most popular Selenite crystals for metaphysical use are the long, clear crystals from Mexico.


Commonly known as the crystal of "Peace and Harmony”, Selenite is more than just a pretty white crystal.

It is recommended as a crystal than can cleanse other crystals simply by being left in contact with them for a short while. Some crystal authors claim it never needs cleansing itself, but, in our experience it loves a sunbathe every now and again which leaves it rejuvenated and refreshed.

Selenite wands are often used to settle the aura after a treatment session, restoring our auric space after intrusion.

Its a Crown Chakra crystal,  activating our crown chakra, connecting us to what we believe in. It can aid in making connection to our higher self and in Angelic communication.

A fantastic crystal to have in our "metaphysical first aid kit” as it helps amazingly with headaches and migraines. Simply place a piece of selenite on the affected area and rest for a few minutes…….its as though the cool energy from the selenite runs through the head to the point of pain and gently eases the pain away.