Septarian - Polished Heart ( Ref. H5)

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Septarian  - Polished Heart ( Ref. H5)


Septarian Stone, a natural sedimentary rock with natural cement within the spaces between the sediment grains, creating highly variable patterns of yellow Calcite encased/ringed with Brown Aragonite.

All Calcites are helpful with emotional and mental conditions, assisting in lessening of fear and reducing stress a balancing stone suitable for when reconciliation is needed with in a home or workplace. 

Emotional and Spiritually Aragonite is said to be good for stilling the mind before mediation. May help stress and anger.

Actual crystal heart

Septarian, Shaped and polished into a heart shape, small enough to carry around with you. or placed around the home for their energies or can just be nice decorative items.

This crystals size is approximately  5.5  x 5.3 cm