Shungite Necklace (No.851)

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Shungite Necklace (No.851)Shungite Round Bead Necklace.
Grade 2/3 Shungite.

Measurements Approx.
Height - 0.4 cm
Width - 0.4 cm
Length - 25.5 cm

Shungite is available in a series of "grades" dependant on its carbon content. The necklace is made of shaped and polished beads which will be made from from grade 2 or grade 3 shungite. This is much more resilient for everyday wear and can be worn constantly.

In itís purest form, Shungite is known as Grade 1, Elite or Noble. Grade 1 Shungite is a black, lustrous semi metallic looking mineraloid and is almost 99% by weight made of organic carbon. This grade 1 Shungite is mined in the village of Shunga, Russia after which it is named.

Shungite is also often available in two other grades known as grade 2 and grade 3. These have a lower percentage by weight of organic carbon which may be between 30 and 85%. 

Allegedly, less than 1% of the Shungite found is the grade 1 material and so it is regarded as being quite rare. It is a material of often understated beauty and a particular "feelĒ to it. It looks similar to Obsidian in that it has the appearance of a solidified liquid and has no real crystalline structure that is visible to the naked eye. It also is very deceptive in that at first glance it looks quite heavy when, in fact, the opposite is true. The grade 1 Shungite is almost impossible to polish or shape because it is so brittle and therefore it is nearly always only available in its rough form. Large pieces of grade 1 Shungite are very rare and pieces over 100 grams are seldom available.