Sodalite Rough, from Brazil (No.2)

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Sodalite Rough, from Brazil (No.2)

Sodalite Rough, from Brazil

Measurements Approx. Each pieces varies in size, an approximate measurements is:
Height - 1.7/2.5 cm
Width - 2/3.5 cm
Length - 2.7/3.9 cm

Sodalite is a chloric sodium aluminium silicate. The name refers to its sodium content. Sodalite’s crystal system is isometric, formed of rhombic dodecahedra. It rarely forms crystals, and appears most often in massive or granular habits. Sodalite is a primarily blue or grey but can be white, yellowish, reddish or greenish.

The blue shades of Sodalite are found intermingled with white Calcite. The largest Sodalite deposit is in Bahia, Brazil, and other are in Canada, Namibia, India and the USA.