Urchin - Plegiocidaris Coronata Urchin (No.88)

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Urchin - Plegiocidaris Coronata Urchin (No.88)
Plegiocidaris Coronata Urchin
from Wiltshire, England

Upper Triassic - Upper Jurassic
220 Million to 146 Million

Measurements Approx.
Height - 2.9 cm
Width - 4 cm
Length - 4.5 cm

The genus Plegiocidaris is characterised by a dorsoventrally (joining the dorsal and ventral surfaces) compressed shell with simple, narrow ambulacra* consisting of two rows of plates with pores. The Interambulacral^ plates are large with perforated tubercles, surrounded by a margin. The large primary club-shaped spines have developed sizeable thin knobby ribs. Representatives of the genus Plegiocidaris have been recorded in Upper Triassic to Upper Jurassic strata in Europe. 

*One of the five radial areas on the undersurface of the starfish and similar echinoderms, from which the tube feet are protruded and withdrawn.

^ In echinoderms, one of the areas or zones intervening between two ambulacra.