Verdite - Tumbled Stone

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Verdite - Tumbled Stone

Verdite is a serpentine - like mineral, occurring in a deep green colour, sometimes mottled with red, yellow, white, or light green patches.   From Southern Africa said to be formed 3500 million years ago

It is said to combat abrasive character traits, providing a polish to even those "steel” characters.

It may also help to stimulate the energy centres of the first four chakras in order to encourage the movement of the Kundalini, making the progression through the spiritual plane.

Verdite may be used to cleanse the blood, to treat disorders of the heart, to provide anti-poison balances during toxic states, to assist in raising diminished levels of oxygenation within body, and to counterbalance dizziness.

Verdite tumbled to a smooth finish, an ideal pocket size stone, small enough to carry around with you. Tumble Stones can also be placed around the home for their energies or can just be nice decorative items.

Verdite crystal gemstones of varying sizes selected specially for your order.

Size approximately   2 - 3 cm

Here at London Fossils Crystals I sell a wide range of Tumble Stones  

Tumble stones are so called because a number of stones of similar sizes are placed in a barrel which is rotated (tumbled) at a speed and after a time between 3 - 5 weeks the stones are polished from rough to smooth. 
(The Tumble stones we sell, have not been tumbled by ourselves)