Amegreen is a combination of purple Amethyst and Prasiolite (Green Amethyst). The stones come from Africa, and crystals grow in conjunction with white Quartz. The best specimens show distinct bands of all three colour, and purple Amethyst sometimes occurs in a chevron pattern. Green Amethyst is itself a rare stone, but Amegreen is even rarer and may soon become extinct.

Amegreen is said to assist one in letting go emotional roles and ego-based identities, freeing one to express the full consciousness of oneís Higher self. It may exudes an energy of love, peace and fulfilment that is very helpful in attaining and maintaining a meditative state.
Physically Amegreenís is considered to have a the ability to ground high-frequency Light energy into physical body makes it a joyful companion in the healing process. It may be useful for all types of ailments involving heart. It may also help stimulate the healing and repair of the body, making it a good all-round healing stone for recovery from physical injury or trauma.