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Busy time update but Spring is in the air

It has been a busy time at London Fossils and Crystals, thank you all, for understanding the unusual number of days closed over the past few months.  But the days are getting longer, it may have been somewhat windy! and wet lately, but the Sun has smiled on us all through this winter.

My parent house has now been cleared and is currently on the market. Their Wedding Anniversary would have been April 16th, so with we are planning to send them onto their next journey together on their special day.  

Kevin is due to has an operation during April, along with planned buying trips, Easter holidays, and training/discovery days away  for Kevin, April is looking as another busy month.

Anyway, currently I am re-stocking the Tumbled Stones on line and in the shop, which is my favourite job! it takes me weeks and weeks, but I am getting there.  I also need to make up more bead bracelet and restock the UK section of Crystal.  Richie and I are also trying to get more on line for you to see.

When Richie is not photographing Fossils and Crystals and adding them to the website, he is wrapping and tying Crystals, they are very beautiful.  There is a selection on line and even more available at the shop, but sorry we do not wrap or tie to order.  Have a look

Take care,

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