Moldavite was created over 14.8 million years ago when a huge meteorite struck what is now the the town of Nordlingen in Germany, forming what is known as the Reis Crater. The town is situated in the crater area which originally had a diameter of up to 24 kilometres. The crater rim has suffered much erosion in the intervening period but is still between 100 to 150 metres high in places. The Reis crater is known by scientists as a rampart crater, a type which is only found on Mars, making it a very unique occurrence. These craters exhibit a fluidised ejecta after the impact of the crater…….this is what travelled through the air for between 300 and 600km into the Czech Republic to form Moldavite.

As our scientific understanding of meteorite impacts has increased, computer modelling has been used to estimate the size of the meteorite which struck the earth. This has led to a modern belief that the meteorite which created Moldavite was around 1.5 Kilometres across! This would have hit with tremendous force and it is estimated that it would have had the destructive equivalent of 1.8 million Hiroshima bombs. 

The Moldavite originated from a sand rich layer on the surface of the earth which was melted and fluidised before being instantly ejected. Materials like Moldavite which have been created in this way are known as Tektites.

Because Moldavite is so unique much has been written about what it may do for us metaphysically, and opinions vary greatly. 

It is often known as "The Starborn Stone of Transformation”, taking us through the transformations we undergo in life, sometimes we experience transformations we know we need and sometimes it can reveal transformations we simply don’t expect. 

Moldavite offers a very wide range of properties metaphysically depending on our personal needs. Indeed, Kevin our crystal guy, believes that even if we research Moldavite for years to come we will not be anywhere near discovering all of its potential it has to offer.

Whatever Moldavite may do for you, enjoy it!